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Guide to Lapland

Northern lights Lapland

Flight Time: 3.5 hours

Time Difference: Lapland covers 2 time zones Norway and Sweden: GMT +1 hour Finland: GMT +2 hours

Weather: The post popular season to visit Lapland is December to February the temperatures range from -16°C to 3°C depending on location, occasionally this will go down to as low as -30°C. In the summer months temperatures range from 10 - 15 °C.

Daylight hours: The daylight hours throughout winter tends to be limited to between 10am and 2pm the lack of daylight hours means it is the ideal conditions to see the northern lights. Whilst in summertime from mid-May to late July the sun barely dips below the horizon a polar phenomenon known as the midnight sun.

Top things to do:

Lapland is the home of Santa Claus and as such the winter months are an extremely popular time to visit. There is something for all the family these are some of our favourite attractions:

  • Visit Santa's village

  • Reindeer and Husky Safari

  • Skiing

  • Ice Karting

  • Riding snowmobiles

  • Spend the night in a thermal glass igloo for the chance to see the northern lights

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