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Guide to Indian Ocean

The islands in the Indian Ocean are renowned for luxurious getaways and relaxed honeymoon destinations. There is a lot more to these islands than people know, see what our consultants recommend...


Over water bungalow, Maldives

Flight Time: 10 hours

Time Difference: GMT +5 hours

Weather: Between November to April you can expect blue skies and sunny dry weather. Get ready to soak up that winter sun whilst you take a stroll along white sand beaches and dip your toes in crystal clear blue waters.

All the images you see of the Maldives are beautiful clear waters and sandy beaches, unsurprisingly then a lot of the best activities involve taking a dip in the sea. The Maldives is a great surfing spot although the waves can be a bit big for beginners. If you don't have the experience maybe give paddle boarding a try or go on a snorkeling tour to see some of the marine life.

If you are staying on a private island we highly recommend doing a bit of island hopping to the more populated islands and soak up some of the culture like a local.


Luxury holiday in Mauritius

Flight Time: 12 hours

Time Difference: GMT +4 hours

Weather: October is recommended by the locals as the best time to visit with largely warm dry weather, summer runs from November to April and though these are the warmer months they also bring with them the rainy season, the winter months of May to October are drier and thanks to the tropical climate still warm. We recommend avoiding the east coast in July and August due to the high trade winds.

The secluded nature of Mauritius makes it a popular honeymoon destination, but if you are looking for a place with a bit more to offer, then plan a trip here. A great place to visit is the area of Chamarel there is so much on offer from waterfalls to giant tortoise's you won't be disappointed. The tortoise park is home to 6 giant tortoises who are roughly 150 years old. After you have finished saying hello view the 7 Coloured Earth Geopark, this natural phenomenon is named because of the array of coloured sand dunes in this area when the sun is shining brightly the colours are more prominent. After all this you can take a 3 hour hike, or if that seems a bit much jump in a jeep, to visit the 100 meter Chamarel waterfall.

This is just one area of the island there is a lot more to see ask your consultant what their favourite activities are...


Exploring nature in the Seychelles

Flight Time: 12 hours

Time Difference: GMT +4 hours

Weather: The tropical cluster of islands that make up the Seychelles have year round warm weather, we recommend visiting in either April to May or October to November as these tend to be the drier months of the year. It is hard to predict the weather on these islands and can be completely different from one side of the island to the other.

The Seychelles is made up of 3 main islands Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, it is easy to get from island to island with the Inter Islands Ferry Services or Island Hopper flights so be sure to take a few day trips to visit each island. Mahé is the most populated island and the main point of entry for most tourists, with Praslin the second largest island it is a great place to base yourself to explore the islands and plenty of luxury resorts to choose from.

Visiting La Digue is like going back in time we highly recommend making a trip to the island during your stay, hire a bike to tour the island visit the Veuve Nature Reserve to try and catch a glimpse of the rare Seychelles Black Paradise Flycatcher or visit one of the many unspoiled beaches to relax and enjoy the sun. The Seychelles is one of the only places in the world where you can see wild giant tortoises, take a trip to Curieuse Island to get up close with these magnificent creatures.

Sri Lanka

Luxury holiday in Sri Lanka

Flight Time: 10 hours 30 mins

Time Difference: GMT +5 hours

Weather: We advise visiting the west and south coasts as well as the cultural triangle between December to April whereas the east coast has better weather from May to October.

Sri Lanka is a nature lovers dream with plenty of nature reserves and opportunities to see wild animals such as elephants, blue whales and leopards you won't know which to see first. For those of you that like to be a bit more active on holiday we recommend climbing Sigiriya, one of Sri Lanka's seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In its past it has been a royal palace and Buddhist monastery there is a spiritual atmosphere, go early to avoid the heat and the crowds.

For tea lovers visit Hill Country’s Haputale Mountains the place where Sir Thomas Lipton started his tea empire, take a tour of the tea estates, watch pickers at work and don't forget to go away with some fabulous samples to try at home!

Whilst in Sri Lanka be sure to try the local cuisine, being an island fresh seafood is available wherever you go try crab curry in Jaffna and squid curry on the south of the island.

Speak to a travel consultant today to book your next holiday to one of these amazing islands...

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